August 2014 Hot: Joomla! 3 Day Online!

A very special event of free webinars is about to take place online tomorrow and the day after: Joomla! 3 Day Online!

Right in the middle of August of Summer 2014! A timely refresher and a valuable event to keep Joomla fans on track!

Dates: Thursday, August 14th and Friday, August 15th

Times: Presentations are listed in EDT (New York City). Convert EST to your timezone.

Cost: Free. All webinars are 100% free to attend.

Topics: Expert speakers from around the world, covering Joomla 3 from all angles.

Presenters: Joomla experts from Australia, India, Greece, the U.K., Canada, Bulgaria, Croatia and the United States.

Format: Just like any normal Joomla event, we'll have presentations of 30 to 40 minutes, followed by questions.

Event Website: Program and attendance registration,

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Joomla! Fan Art Logo Contest, second place

This week Tom Hutchison of the Joomla! Documentation Working Group announced the launch of the localization project for Joomla! Documentation.

From the announcement Localising Joomla! Documentation:

"For a long time, our international community has desired Joomla! documentation in their native language. One of the major hurdles was deciding how and what tools to use for translating our documentation. Besides tracking the original content of the page, if the original content ever changes, the translation can be updated easily.

Organised Workflow

Please keep in mind we must be organised and use an appropriate workflow. Joomla already translates strings for the language packs available for our CMS's core with a specific workflow. Our translation of documentation will take a similar approach.

Last modified on July 16, 2014
Current state of Joomla! software usage

"You need to write code that minimizes the time it would take someone else to understand it - even if that someone else is you."

-- D. Boswell and T. Foucher

The purpose of this collection is draw the attention to relevant sources of styles guides for the software within the Joomla! ecosystem. It may be used as a basis for development of individual styles of designers/developers, companies and organizations.

The role of code standards in Joomla! cannot be underestimated. An important aspect is writing code for the future and Rafael Dohms has strongly emphasized the role of "Object Calisthenics and Code Readability".

At the level of Joomla! Production Leadership Team there is a commitment to make the Joomla! CMS fulfill its code style standards.

Javier Gomez righfully thinks that standardization is important for many reasons, some of which are:

  • Programmers can go into any code and figure out what's going on;
  • New people can get up to speed quickly;
  • People new to PHP are spared the need to develop a personal style and defend it to the death;
  • People new to PHP are spared making the same mistakes over and over again;
  • People make fewer mistakes in consistent environments;
  • Automated tools can check the code.

I will start with the Joomla! styles guides, continue with native PHP and some of the Joomla! supportive technologies: JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

More supportive technologies, especially libraries, together with front-end style guides, will be added in later updates.

The list is open for discussion and improvements. A copy of it will be accessible in my GitHub repository,, and everyone is welcome to contribute.

Joomla CMS

Joomla! Coding Standards Manual with the source files at GitHub

Custom coding standard for Joomla! CodeSniffer


IDE autoformatters - Eclipse, Zend Studio, PHPStorm

Joomla! Platform

Joomla! Platform Manual


PSR-0: Autoloading Standard, PSR-1: Basic Coding Standard, PSR-2: Coding Style Guide, PSR-3: Logger Interface of PHP Framework Interop Group

Zend Framework's standards and Coding Style recommendations.

PEAR Coding Standards


Popular Coding Convention in PHP on Github by Ben Peachey


PHP Coding Standards Fixer: analyzes some PHP source code and tries to fix coding standards issues (PSR-1 and PSR-2 compatible),

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