Evgeni Leshtanski

I am a recovering content developer who has happily moved away from off-site book publishing and academia into web design and development. I have about seven years of experience as an independent website designer / developer (interaction designer) and localization expert helping individuals, companies and organizations stay on course with cutting edge web trends and practices.


I am well-versed in HTML5, CSS3 (LESS and Sass) and web standards. I am good in PHP, JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, DOM scripting, MySQL and Apache HTTP. Also I have extensive experience with Twitter Bootstrap, MVC templating, Object-oriented programming and debugging web pages. I feel confident working with Design in the browser, Linux command line, version control (Git) and image/video editing tools.

Web Design / Development Priorities:

One Web approach, Responsive / Adaptive web design, Content-First and Mobile-Ready approaches, Flat Design, Interaction Design, Joomla! and Gantry and Warp frameworks, Reponsive Delivery via the Moovweb Platform.

Website Localization

Expert experience in localization engineering and localization of websites from English / Russian into Bulgarian language and culture.

My Other Web